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                                   Sunday School Series: 9:15AM                                                             Teens, College & Career, and Adult Classes

For the next 6 weeks we will be uncovering the "Unvarnished Truth". This Bible study includes lessons on Evangelism and how Christ called the church to a life dedicated to telling others about Him. It’s time to accept the challenge to share our faith as personal witnesses to God's grace and forgiveness that is transforming our lives.

This Bible study explores three main truths about God:

1) The all powerful, sovereign God created everything through Christ and for His glory.

2) God is holy and righteous, and His wrath is against our sin.

3) Jesus took God’s wrath for us, forgives us, and brings us into relationship with God.


The study also covers three important aspects of being in a community of faith:

1) Believers can encourage each other to trust and follow Christ.

2) Believers should not assume people have made a commitment to Christ simply because they are in our group or church.

3) Believers can and should encourage each other to share the gospel and their personal faith in Christ with others.


Learning how to live for Christ in a world that doesn’t know Him glorifies God and influences our culture. Christ has commanded that believers verbally share the good news of salvation, forgiveness, and grace with lost individuals. This study will help you do just that.

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                Are You In A DGL?

DGL = Discovering God's Love

A group of men, women, or teens who learn God's Word

and act upon what He says.



​     Burger King- 2:00p.m.- Women

     Wendy's - 7:00 p.m. - Men


     Ray Funeral Home - 7:00 a.m. - Men


     Mississippi Grounds- 5:00p.m.- Women

     Calvary Baptist Church Building- 6:30 Women


     McDonald's-10:00a.m.- Women          ​

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